Your interactive catalogue app

on iPad, iPhone and Android



You want to publish your product catalogues on IOS and Android tablets through the AppStore and Google Play ?

With Flippad, convert your PDF catalogues into interactive catalogues for iPad, iPhone and Android touchscreen tablets … We develop your interactive catalogue app for iOS and Android touchscreen tablets and put it online on the AppStore or Google Play within 2 weeks! You are then totally free to update your catalogues as you wish thanks to our online content management and interactive enrichment system …



Developing your app :
We develop your own branded app and we include your logo. We also enable you to choose your colour of font, your background, your homepage as well as the colour of your buttons.
Managing and updating your publications :
Once your app is published on the App Store and/or Google Play, you can manage your catalogues thanks to our secure online content management system which allows you to add new publications or organize your archived issues. As soon as it has been added, your publication will immediately be processed by our servers and you will be able to follow the different steps of the process in real time.



Enriching your publications :
Again through our online content management system you can easily make your publications interactive thanks to our online publisher system. Simply add links, embed videos (Youtube,  Dailymotion, Vimeo, MP4), include sounds, webpages, images … Using this tool is extremely simple and doesn’t require any specific technical skill.
Promoting your app :
After adding a product catalogue in your app or after an important event like a special offer, you can inform your users by sending push notifications through the Flippad content management system.



Check the data of your app :
Our online content management system allows you to follow the data of your app in real time : number of setups and runs, number of downloadings as well as number of readings over the current month and over last 12 months. Get information about the location of your users on Google Maps over the current month and over the last 12 months. Finally, all your data is also available from your Google Analytics account.
Securing your data :
Access your content management system through your secure account with ID and unique password. All your data is coded and stored in the Flippad Cloud managed and secured by AWS (Amazon Web Services).


An overview of the Flippad functions for your interactive catalogue
  • Multi –catalogue library
  • Interactive contents
  • Bookmark
  • The layout adapts to the orientation of tablet and smartphone screens
  • Horizontal/Vertical layout
  • Interactive table of contents
  • Search any article or product in the catalogue
  • Easily zoom in and out (double tapping …)
  • Slideshows : displayed on full screen or in a pop-up
  • Videos : embed videos anywhere in your catalogue
  • Audio : add audio content
  • Email sharing : send the page via email
  • Social network sharing : share all or part of the catalogue on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Virtual tours

Manage the entirety of your contents from the Flippad content management system


A few examples of interactive catalogues on iOS and Android

  • application-catalogue-interactif-SciencesPo-formation-sur-ipad-iphone
  • application-kiosque-catalogue-buro-plus-sur-ipad-iphone
  • application-kiosque-catalogue-Camif-sur-ipad-iphone-android
  • application-kiosque-catalogue-Plein-Ciel-sur-ipad-iphone
  • application-kiosque-magazine-La-Mairie-de-Paris-Paris-me-Guide-sur-ipad-iphone

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