Your sales aid corporate app

On iPad and Android



Sales aid corporate add on iPad and Android tablets

We develop your corporate add on iPad ans Android so as to provide your sales representative teams with a sales aid tool including a system to place orders as well as your product catalogues …


Inventory management

VAT rates management according to the country

Customer discount management

Managing the products over several seasons

Customer base management

Pack size management

PDF purchase orders

Delivery date

Multi currency



Sorting out by categories

Offline ordering

Securing all or part of the app with a password

A few examples of corporate apps on iPad

  • application-metier-ipad-canal-plus-international
  • application-metier-ipad-TF1-international
  • Flippad-application-metier-sur-ipad-Sia
  • Flippad-application-metier-sur-ipad-Christofle
  • Flippad-application-metier-sur-ipad-Mobalpa

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